Best Rope Chain Saw

Best Rope Chain Saw

What is a Pocket Chainsaw? – Simply said, a pocket chainsaw is a length of sharpened chain with rope handles on each side that you pull to chop branches or logs. They can be found as a standard home maintenance item or as a component of a survival kit. It stands for one of the greatest tools for safely and easily cutting tall tree branches.

The best rope chain saw is an important tool to have for any avid outdoors person. It can be used to cut through logs and branches, as well as other materials that are difficult to break with a traditional chainsaw. The main differences between the two types of tools are that when using a “rope” chain saw it’s much safer – no need for gas or oil (though they do come in handy sometimes) and there’s less noise than when using a regular one.

Quick View (Our Top 3): Best Rope Chain Saw

Besides the top 3 list, there are a lot more different options out there. Let’s take a look at our complete list of the best rope chain saws.

10 Best Rope Chain Saw List

1. BEST OVERALL – Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain & FREE Fire Starter

01-Rope Chain Saw
  • A high carbon 65mn thick chain that can be easily re-sharpened with a 5/32 round chainsaw file over and over again.
  • Rugged cross stitched handles.
  • Nicely package in a box – not a poly bag.
  • Includes 8mm round fire starter.
  • Perfect for your Bug out bag.
  • Makes A Great Gift For Any Outdoor Enthusiast.

The Sportsman Pocket chainsaw is very handy when you find yourself away from home and you need to cut wood. For example, when you’re out camping and you need to cut wood to make a fire or perhaps you find yourself on a trail with your horse or ATV and a fallen tree is blocking your path. This Rope Chain Saw is extremely light weight, portable and flexible. Designed to cut through the hardest of wood easily in tight places and specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. This saw is a must!

2. Kutir 48 Inch High Reach Tree Limb Hand Rope Chain Saw

02-Rope Chain Saw -
  • Equipped with high quality chain and with extra rope
  • 48 inch blades
  • Two 25 foot long control ropes and safety throwing weight.
  • High-quality Heat Treated Carbon Steel Teeth
  • Include a chainsaw sharpener
  • Complete High Limb Kit with Blade Sharpener, Ropes, Throwing Weight Pouch, and Extra Handles. Cut high limbs safely and easily from the ground. Trim hard-to-reach branches from the ground

Really compact and lightweight, this rope chain saw is great for cutting tree branches up to 14 to 16 inches in diameter.
Mainly Used For Forest Harvesters, Wood Sawing. Ideal for Cutting Firewood in Survival Situations Such as Campers,Backpackers, Fishermen, Hikers etc.

3. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear -36 Inch Long Chain & Free Fire Starter Kit

03-Rope Chain Saw
  • 36” long chain (excluding handles). Longer strokes with more teeth make for faster cutting time.
  • Include a water-resistant, all-weather magnesium Fire-Starter
  • Heavy duty storage pouch – provides easy access to both the Chainsaw and Fire Starter.

4. Homyall 48 Inch High Reach Tree Limb Hand Rope Chain Saw

04-Rope Chain Saw
  • 48 Inch Chain with double sided teeth on both sides-62 Sharpest Carbon Steel Teeth. Arched double layered riveted links add strength to connecting chain and stabilize flex, reducing breakage and binding
  • Blades on BOTH sides- so it doesn’t matter how it lands, Cut high limbs safely and easily from the ground

No Rope Included – We recommend 1/4 of an inch diameter rope to connect with the saw end holes directly, or use two “D” shape rings(or similar rings)to connect the saw end holes with your preferred larger sized rope

5. YOKEPO Survival Pocket Chainsaw Folding Hand Saw Chain

05-Rope Chain Saw
  • Bi-Directional cutting blade on EVERY link of the chain and built with high quality 65 Mn steel
  • Length of 24″ make it a perfect fit for anyone. Complete with pouch and belt clip
  • Lightweight and Compact Size Makes This Emergency Survival Saw Easy to Pack and Take Along.
  • Strong durable bands with bright orange color. Come with Portable Pouch and Wristlet-woven made from (more than) 2m Survival Rope and an extra Flintstone.

6. Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw – 36 Inch Hand Saw With 48 Bi-Directional Teeth

06-Rope Chain Saw
  • This saw cuts 3 x faster than saws with teeth on every third link, and even thick tree limbs are no match for this compact but mighty hand chainsaw.
  • The 48 saw teeth are made from strong heat-treated steel and cut both ways into the wood with less binding or sticking for fast and easy non-slip cutting
  • Bi-directional teeth reduce binding
  • 36 inch chain rope cuts overhead branches easily
  • Comfortable handles
  • Carrying case included

This rope chainsaw is 36 inches, making it easy to swing over high branches for cutting or pruning and fit into tight grooves where chainsaws can’t. The extra length creates a safe distance and easier cutting for one or two people.
The handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won’t cut into your hands or cause blisters

7. TOYEAH 53 Inch High Reach Tree Limb Hand Rope Saw

07-Rope Chain Saw
  • 68 Sharpest Carbon Steel Teeth
  • The High Limb Saw has an Upgraded 53 Inch Chain with Blades on BOTH sides. Arched double layered riveted links add strength to connecting chain and stabilize flex, reducing breakage and binding.

8. Pocket Chainsaw – Razor Sharp Self Cleaning 25.5 In Portable Hand Saw Survival Gear

08-Rope Chain Saw
  • Razor sharp self-cleaning teeth can easily cut through a fallen branch 4 inches
  • Lightweight and versatile – An innovative folding design, ultra-lightweight and easily transportable, the hand saw folds and fits neatly into the holster case measures only 5” long by 4” wide.
  • Specially coated for corrosion and rust resistance. Made with high end heat treated steel alloy.
  • The chainsaw is extendable and can be expanded with more rope to access harder to reach or distant, taller branches.
  • Great value and quality – Durable, high quality and efficient with maximum production at a relatively low price!

The pocket saw is super useful gadget if you’re a hiker, survivalist, outdoors enthusiast, hunter or anyone who spends time in isolated or deserted locations. Made with super, flexible blades and includes a durable 5” by 4”pouch for carrying and storage, and a belt clip so you can easily take it along with you on your outdoor exhibitions.

9. IRONBEE – Pocket Chainsaw 2 Pack Stainless Steel Emergency tree limb cutter rope saw

09-Rope Chain Saw
  • 20.5 inch pocket chainsaw with 48 bi-directional saw teeth and nylon handles
  • Wide application – to be used on a daily basis; during camping and many other situations. Portable and easy to use, it can be applied to cut wood, bone, plastic, soft metal and rubber.
  • Flexible and lightweight, easy to carry

This pocket chainsaw fits easily in your pocket, and is a great tool for survival when camping, hiking or exploring out in the woods in your RV and you need to cut firewood, build a shelter, or remove tree limbs blocking your path.

10. Loggers Art Gens – 48 Inch Rope Saw High Tree Limb Saw

10-Rope Chain Saw
  • 62 sharpened carbon steel teeth.
  • Made of high strength carbon steel, the extension chain saw is equipped with a quality chain and durable rope so it won’t get stuck.
  • 48-inch blade with two 33-foot control ropes and a safety throw weight, ideal for cutting branches up to 14 to 16 inches in diameter, safely and easily cutting high limbs from the ground and trimming hard-to-reach branches from the ground.

What To Look For In Best Rope Saw?

Anyone who has used a saw knows how important it is to find the right one for whatever job they’re doing and to choose the best rope chain saw brands. There are dozens of types and models to choose from, but not all of them will do what you need them to do. You want a chainsaw that works well and cuts easily through whatever the project may be. The following guide covers some basic tips on what you should look for in different types of saws.

Saw Type

The type of chainsaw you need depends on what kind of trees or wood you’ll be cutting. If you only intend to use a saw for branches and pruning, a smaller, lighter model can accomplish this easily without too much struggle. If the job is going to require felling trees, though, a hand saw may not be that effective. To get the job done quickly and efficiently a gas-powered chainsaw might do better.

Blade Type

Saws are available with different types of blades. Each type has specific uses, so knowing what you’ll be cutting before purchasing one will help you narrow down your choices.

The most common blade is the crosscut saw tooth pattern, which is used for just about every type of lumber out there from softwoods to hardwoods and everything in between including plywood, particleboard, and even plastics. This particular pattern also makes excellent firewood because it cuts quickly through the wood while making fewer chips or dust than other kinds of blade patterns do.

Next would be the raker tooth pattern that’s specifically designed for cutting up trees into logs that can easily be split after they’re cut down. It delivers a smooth finish when cutting without producing too many chips or dust particles like the crosscut blade pattern will.

Another popular choice for cutting large pieces of wood is the combination tooth blade, which has both raker and crosscut abilities all in one without having to change blades. This makes it perfect for trees that are too big for a normal chainsaw to handle or other types of large lumber like plywood.

There are also specialty blades available that are specifically designed for pruning branches of trees, usually with smaller teeth than other types of saws use to cut through hard varieties of wood more easily.


The quality of your rope chainsaw will determine how long it’ll last under rigorous use as well as its safety level when being used regularly. Look to buy at least mid-range when it comes to quality, with the best brands being Husqvarna, Stihl, and Makita.

Mid-range chainsaws are usually all you need for general use around the house or yard unless you’re planning on using them daily in a commercial environment like a lumber mill or tree service business where they would be more suited towards heavy-duty gas-powered models.

Rope Chain Saw Reviews

The first thing you have to consider when looking at purchasing a new chainsaw is just exactly what you need it for. Then investigate which saw would be best for your needs based on its features, blade type, quality, power source, and ease of use. The first thing to consider is whether you’ll be using it for personal or professional projects. If you’re a professional, then a heavy-duty, commercial-grade saw will probably do the trick.

If it’s for your personal home use, though, there are plenty of options available that can meet all your needs as well as those of other types of users from casual do-it-yourselfers to building contractors who need a chainsaw on-site at their worksite. Knowing what you want before you start looking around will help ensure that your search ends with a product that suits your needs perfectly.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Rope Saw

A lot of things should be considered when buying the best rope saw. To cut down your time we have prepared the points below to help you make up your mind easily:


The longer the chain length, the more wood it can cut. However, a long chain is not so convenient to use and is heavier than shorter ones. It’s also harder to carry and store.

Heavy Duty

If you will be using your saw frequently, then invest in a heavy-duty one from a reputable brand. If you’re looking for something for occasional use, then you can go with a lightweight model.

Type Of Saw

There are several types of saws available. Some of the most popular ones are Pole Pruning Saws, Gas-powered Chainsaws, Hand Rope Chainsaws, Electric Chainsaws, Cordless chainsaws, etc.


How you intend to use your chainsaw should determine the saw you buy. A hand rope chainsaw is best for occasional to moderate use while a gas-powered one is optimal for high-volume usages, such as by a tree service company or lumber mill.


You can never go wrong with buying from trusted brands like Kutir, Stihl, Husqvarna, and Makita. These have been around for a long time and have an excellent reputation for producing top-quality products that are perfect for any occasion.


Prices vary widely depending on the type of chainsaw, with hand rope chainsaws being the cheapest and gas-powered ones being the most expensive. For heavy-duty use, gas-powered chainsaws are best.

To Sum Up!

The factors mentioned above should be enough to help you narrow down your choices and buy the best chain saw for all of your individual needs.

Thanks again for checking out our guide so be sure to check back for more great reviews like this one soon!​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are saw teeth made out of?

Sawteeth are typically either made of high carbon steel or bi-metal steel. High carbon steel allows for better performance because it has great hardness, toughness, durability, and corrosion resistance. Bi-metal blades have two different kinds of alloy steels bonded together with heat treatment to make the tip harder than the base. The teeth are brittle and will likely fail if abused.

How do you sharpen the saw chains?

There is a chain saw sharpener or filer available out there. These are designed specifically to sharpen the saw chains. Follow the guide of the type of sharpener you are going to use.

How to use a rope saw?

1) Put weight (stone, rock, sand and etc.) into the bag. Then connect the other end of rope with the bag. Connect the chain with hooks and ropes.
2) Toss the weight over the branch you plan to cut.
3) Position blade as close to the base of the branch as possible before cutting.
4) After you pull the blade up over the limb, keep the two sides of the rope saw at a wider angle. Pull the rope saw back and forth to cut.
Working with two people makes cutting faster and more efficient.

What are some general safety tips when using a rope saw?

When using your chainsaw, always keep it on the ground so you can fully control it. If you’re holding it up in the air, it could come crashing down unexpectedly and potentially cause injury to yourself or others around you.

Why to use a rope chain saw?

One of the biggest advantages of using a rope chainsaw is that the only limit is how high you are able to throw the rope to reach branches. Also, cutting branches by hand can be tedious, using a pocket chain saw is the safest and most economical way to cut the tall branches of a tree.

Picking a rope chain saw will not be difficult anymore. Take the right tool and work smart, that’s all we want from you.

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