Splitting Axe vs Chopping Axe
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Splitting Axe vs. Chopping Axe for Camping

It would help if you had some technological tools to make your outdoor experience more fun and comfortable as an outdoor person. For instance, if you go camping with friends, you need a splitting axe to make wood for a fireplace. But sometimes, it gets pretty hard to identify and understand the differences between outdoor doors. So, in this article, you will learn the differences between the splitting axe vs. chopping axe and their unique purposes. Here is the complete list of the best camping axes out there.

The Splitting Axe and the chopping axe are two basic tools for outdoor activities. Often, many people use them interchangeably. The Splitting Axe and the chopping axe are used by these professionals: farmers, property managers, handymen, and even homeowners. So, here’s how to differentiate between the two tools.

Splitting Axe vs. Chopping Axe

Basically, there are four major differences between the spitting axe and the chopping axe. But before we move forward with these differences, let’s take a look at a clear definition of the tools. A splitting tool is an outdoor cutting used made of a metal tampered head. The chopping axe is also an outdoor cutting tool but with a wedged-shaped metalhead. So, let’s jump straight into the four differences between the Splitting axe and the chopping axe.


There’s a big difference between the weight of a splitting axe and a chopping axe. The Splitting Axe has a lighter weight than the chopping axe; hence it is best used by people who are not physically strong enough to handle it. The splitting axe is also a great choice for quick tasks. To get the best result with a splitting axe, the weight must be at equilibrium with the strength of the handle and the sharpness of the blade.

However, it’s not so with the chopping axe. The chopping axe is heavier and best used by physically strong individuals. The heavyweight of the chopping axe makes it perfect for chopping woods because the force applied on the axe allows a deeper penetration through the logs. Before deciding whether to go for a splitting axe or a chopping axe, it’s best to confirm the kind of tasks to be done.

The weight of the splitting axe allows only for light tasks like the splitting of woods. If you decide to use a chopping axe for splitting woods, you will tire out easily due to the tool’s heavyweight.


It is easy to differentiate the splitting axe from the chopping axe with their unique design. The Splitting axe has a tapered head with a sharp blade which makes the splitting process easy. However, the chopping axe comes with a fatter head and a blunt axe, making it difficult to split. The blunt blade is what makes the chopping axe an excellent tool for chopping woods.

If you decide to use the chopping axe for splitting woods, you will need to apply more force to the task because the blades are not well sharpened for splitting. The head design of the splitting axe and the chopping axe is a unique feature you cannot miss out on.


Another important feature that distinguishes the splitting axe from the chopping axe is the shape of the handle. The Splitting Axe has a longer handle that allows the user to guide the tool into the ground when splitting woods easily. The long handle in the Splitting axe also helps to reduce the risk of injury during the task.

The chopping axe comes with a shorter plastic, hickory, or fibreglass handle. Some models have wooden handles too, but the wooden handles are commonly seen in the splitting axe. Nowadays, brands are moving towards producing composite handles to improve the style and durability of the tools.


There are no two ways about it. The chopping axe is always more expensive than the splitting axe. If you decide to buy a chopping axe for the same price you buy a splitting axe, be rest assured you will settle for a low-quality chopping axe. As earlier mentioned that the chopping axe is heavier than the splitting axe. It will take more time and more woods to produce a chopping axe. So, you cannot expect to buy the two tools for the same price.

The truth is that the chopping axe will always be more expensive than the splitting axe. However, it all depends on the model you are buying and where you are buying it from.

Method of Cutting:

A chopping axe typically cuts woods horizontally at the truck, while a splitting axe cuts in a vertical section by splitting the cuts along the grain of the wood. In a single stroke, a splitting axe will separate the wood logs after penetrating the wood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Splitting Axe

Without further ado, let’s see some of the benefits of a splitting axe. Understanding the benefits of using a splitting axe will help you make the best decision whether to use a splitting axe or a chopping axe.

Splitting Axe

Easier to Swing:

A splitting axe is a great option for wood cutting needs for people with less physical strength. Its weight is light and allows for easy lifting and handling compared to the chopping axe. The average weight for a splitting axe is between three to six pounds. The type of materials used for the handle also contributes to the weight of the Splitting axe. But, regardless, anyone can use the splitting axe with ease.

Great for Small Pieces of Wood:

The spitting axe is highly effective if you are working with small pieces of wood. You will be amazed at how you will get the work done effectively in no time.

Long Handle:

The long handle in a splitting axe makes wood splitting less of a hassle. It also helps to keep professionals safe during wood splitting. A Splitting axe usually has the length of its handles in the range of 14-36 inches.


A Splitting axe is relatively cheap. You will get a spitting axe at a budget-friendly price in local stores around you.

Below are some of the disadvantages of using a splitting axe.

Higher Risk of Injury:

Because a splitting axe has a sharper blade, the chances of getting an injury when using a splitting axe are very high. Be safety conscious and integrate necessary safety measures whenever you are working with a splitting axe.

Not Effective for Hardwoods:

A Splitting axe may not be effective for splitting rugged woods. Splitting some woods require exerting high pressure, which is bad for a splitting axe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Chopping Axe

Like the Splitting axe, a chopping axe has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of using the tool in wood splitting.

Chopping Axe

Safe to use:

A chopping axe blade is not very sharp and does not pose a serious security threat to the user. Still, make sure to use all necessary safety gear when working with a chopping axe to reduce injuries to the barest minimum.

Great for Many Pieces of Work:

No matter how large a wood log is, a chopping axe will do a perfect job. In fact, wood splitting experts recommend that people use a chopping axe for voluminous wood splitting tasks.

Perfect for Hardwoods:

A chopping axe is strong enough to split hardwoods without causing injury to the woodworker. The chopping axe fat head design, short handle, and blunt blade make it easy for a chopping axe to penetrate any wood depth and thickness.

Here are the disadvantages of using a chopping axe.

High Cost:

A chopping axe is relatively expensive. However, you can beat the high cost of buying a chopping axe when buying an already used shopping axe at local stores.

Requires Physical Strength:

If you are not physically fit, you may not handle a chopping axe. A chopping axe blade is usually blunt and would require more force and energy during wood splitting. Also, the chopping axe handle is shorter than the splitting axe handle and would require you to apply more pressure when working.


In summary, the kind of woodwork activities you are doing will determine whether to go for a splitting axe or a chopping axe. It would help if you also considered your physical strength when selecting a splitting axe or a chopping axe. Above all, it’s okay to have the two tools ready for your wood splitting. A combination of the splitting axe and the chopping axe makes wood splitting activities easier and faster. There are many models of the Splitting axe and the chopping axe you can choose from. Talk with an expert to recommend the best model to buy.

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