Wet Dry Vacuum vs Vacuum Cleaner
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Wet-Dry Vacuum vs Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

As, technology advances, Vacuum machine became one of the must have machines for every modern home. Vacuum machine made cleaning job easier, convenient and healthier. There are two types of vacuum machine available, one the normal vacuum machine and the other one is wet dry vacuum machine.

Read our wet dry vacuum vs vacuum cleaner article to find out the suitable one for you.

Wet-Dry Vacuum

At its invention, the wet dry vacuum was intended for commercial use for cleaning companies however, manufacturers eventually came up with smaller models to fit domestic use. A wet dry vacuum machine can be used outside to clean up hard litter such as renovation debris, ash from the chimney’s area, snow in the door way and other hard to remove messes.


  • Replaces the need for hiring professional carpet cleaner
    If used well, a wet dry vacuum can do what a cleaning company would do for you. One of the reasons for instance why a carpet should be cleaned once or twice a year by a professional cleaner is to remove contaminants such as bedbugs, mites and all forms of bacteria which are attracted by the dirt and grit in your carpet. But if you clean your carpet thoroughly with a dry wet vacuum, you eliminate all the grime there is on your carpet and floor. This can restore the look of your carpet to that of a brand new one.
  • Does unimaginable cleaning tasks
    Besides working on hard floors, a wet dry vacuum can do cleaning tasks that you wouldn’t imagine. You can clear clogged pipes, retrieve objects from a sink, blow up your mattresses and swimming pool play toys besides several other tasks. Even better is that there is nowhere in your house and yard a wet dry vacuum will not reach. It picks up litter on hard floors such as the garage floor, compound, basement warehouse name it.
  • Good indoor air quality
    During professional cleaning, a procedure called Deodorization is carried out to ensure that bad odors are removed from a carpet creating a fresh smelling environment. When you use a wet dry vacuum, you remove spills that may bring bad odors immediately. This saves you money that you will need to pay for the deodorization process.


  • It builds up on the bucket if the dirty water is not emptied instantly after cleaning
  • It’s more expensive than a regular vacuum
  • It is heavier than an ordinary vacuum cleaner

Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

For ages, the ordinary vacuum cleaner has served its purpose of picking up dust and other lighter debris. It is one of the most common machine in every home.


  • Picks up pet hair that might pile up in your carpet
  • Lifts dust from around the house
  • Removes any other light litter
  • Cleans the car


  • A vacuum is very noisy and uses a lot of electricity
  • It doesn’t clean stains and spots
  • Doesn’t dry up wet floors

Wet-Dry Vacuum vs Vacuum Cleaner – Which one is the best?

I know you have already concluded that the wet dry vacuum cleaner is the best but that is not an absolute yes. It depends on what you intend to use the vacuum for.

If you have a large family with kids spilling soups and other liquids around the house all the time, then a wet dry vacuum is best for you. If you live alone in a small space, you might not need a wet dry vacuum even if you will have wet spots to clean. You can use an ordinary wipe and save your electricity. But if you are the very tidy type, you can consider purchasing a small hand wet dry vacuum cleaner.

See our list of best wet-dry vacuums.

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