How to Use an Electric Screwdriver
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How to Use an Electric Screwdriver

If your job or domestic chores require you to drive screws into surfaces majority of the time, then it is imperative that you learn how to use an electric screwdriver. For some people, an electric screwdriver is also known as a power screwdriver; which ever terms you choose does not matter really. You are probably reading this article because you own a power screwdriver and you do not know how to use it or you are a beginner who is simply interested in knowing everything that a power screwdriver is and what it can do.

Which ever category you belong to, this article is tailored to provide the information that you seek. For the sake of the newbies, let’s start from the very beginning.

What is a Power Screwdriver?

The name pretty much speaks for itself, a screwdriver is a device used to drive a screw into surfaces. A power screwdriver is an automated form of a screwdriver that is essentially powered by a regulated amount of electric current. Electricity spins the driver so that it can drive screws into surfaces with more accuracy and speed. Based on design and specifications, a power screwdriver could be cordless or corded. Corded screwdrivers come in two forms; fixed and adjustable. This avails you the opportunity to choose the power screwdriver that best suits your needs.

Just like every other tool or commodity, there are different types of electric screwdrivers. There are the heavy or high duty power screwdrivers made specifically for experts, contractors and woodworkers and you also have the light-duty screwdrivers which are meant primarily for home use.

What are the uses of an Electric Screwdriver?

With an electric screwdriver, a lot can change about how you work. Some uses of an electric screwdriver are enumerated below.

1. Cost Effectiveness
Manual screwdrivers will always cost you more than an electric screwdriver would. Conventional screwdrivers require that you purchase different types that will work well with some screws and specific task. The need to change screwdrivers almost every time may require that you spend more. However, a multi positional electric power screwdriver will cost less and also allow you to carry out more task using the same device.

2. Convenience
The design of most electric screwdrivers makes them really easy to handle. The speed at which they driving in screw will ensure that you get more work done.

3. Less Laborious
Since an electric screwdriver is automated and powered by electricity, then you can expect not to exert energy before your task can be completed. Electric screwdrivers eliminate any form of labor associated with drilling screws into surfaces.

4. Efficiency
Most electric screwdrivers allow you to drill screws into surfaces fast and also permit the reverse process. So you can achieve greater efficiency when working with screws.

How to use an Electric Screwdriver?

Since we now know what an electric screwdriver is and what it can be used for, next is to learn how to use one. Knowing how to use an electric screwdriver is not as easy as owning one. There are a few technicalities involved.

1. Select an Appropriate Bit
Many people find using an electric screwdriver difficult simply because they select the wrong bit majority of the time. When working with medium wood, for example, a PZ2 is probably the best option. Ensure that the bit stays at 45 degrees. If it does not, you are most likely working with the wrong bit. Make sure the bit is properly installed and also tighten the chuck well. Do this, and you are golden!

2. Properly Fit the Bit
Since you are dealing with an automated electrical system, if the bit is not fixed properly and you apply pressure on the head of the screwdriver, the bit may fall off. This not only dangerous but can also damage the surface you are working on.

3. Create a Pilot Hole First
Since screws tend to always go with the grain of the wood, creating a pilot hole first will ensure that the screw is positioned correctly when driven in. Also, incidents, where the wood splits while drilling is going, can be totally avoided. Create a pilot hole first before driving in the screw.

4. Start your Power Screwdriver
Most electric screwdrivers have a speed controller. Makes sure that you set it to a particular speed. Usually, there is a switch which can push forward and in a reverse position. To drive in a screw, push the switch forward. To remove a screw, push the switch in the reverse direction. As soon as this is done, you can pull the trigger and get to work.

5. Store the Electric Screwdriver
When your work is done, clean the electric screwdriver and store it as directed by the manufacturer.

Finally, safety always comes first when making use of an electric screwdriver. Make sure you have your gloves and eye glass on while working.

Why buy a Power Screwdriver?

  1. Electric screwdrivers allow more control. They also provide more torque which you can adjust to suit the nature of the task.
  2. They are automatic and also come in designs that make handling easy.
  3. Electric screwdrivers offer more versatility and efficiency. As soon as you get a hold of it, you are good to go especially when you just moved into an unfurnished house.

Let us know if you own a Power Screwdriver and how much you use them in daily activities.

❤ Feature Photo by Marco Verch

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